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My 16 year old cousin is in Saint Louis for the next few months and I’m scared :/


But it’s rush week. So, y’all sleep.

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Anonymous asked:
why are you bothered by the ice bucket challenge? i haven't seen you posting ONE thing about Ferguson and Mike Brown, about Robin Williams. there are more importants things. im so unfollowing you.

Hmmm, okay, first of all, you don’t know shit about me. 

I do not live in the USA, while what is happening in Ferguson and what happened to Mike Brown is awful, I don’t think I have anything to say that will help in any way.

I haven’t posted anything about Robin Williams because I did not care for him as an actor, I think what happened to him was very sad, and I hope it will bring awareness for people who don’t know shit about depression and suicide, but it would be very hypocritical of me to pretend that he was a huge influence in my life just because he died. He deserves better than that.

Third:  I live in a third world country, I live in a country where there are people with NO access to clean water AT ALL. So, yes, it bothers me to see rich people throwing water away instead of doing something else to bring attention to their cause. So you can kindly fuck off

You can go now, bye.

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the water crisis thing was just something in the water in toledo, not a shortage, but CA’s drought is chronic and awful

I know, my boyfriend was there when it happened. It’s pretty scarry for them though, it’s actually something that happens in my home town every other summer.

yeah we really do need to be more aware. like fracking, a form of getting natural gas from us land, uses SO MUCH WATER and often pollutes the local water. that said, would it be possible to make ice w/ non drinkable water?

I’m pretty sure it’s possible. But I still think there are other cool attention grabbing things they could be doing that doesn’t involve using water at all.

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the problem is this is something no american would think of, b/c we take clean water for granted. and the videos being fun to watch is why it got to $10 million raised. i dont think it wouldve gotten so much attention if the videos were just “donate”

I understand why they were doing it, and I think it’s great that they are bringing attention to something important. However I think there are other ways to do it, be creative, do something cool that is not wastefull. 

And, honestly, it’s time for americans to start paying attention to resources, I’m pretty sure they are in a drought in California, and there was a water crisis in Ohio just a couple of weeks ago. 

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Can celebrities please stop wasting all this perfectly good water on this stupid ice bucket challenge? 

Don’t they know that there are people with no access to clean water, and they are just throwing it away like it’s nothing?

For fucks sake, donate money for the cause, make a video bringing attention to it, but don’t waste our planet’s limited resources.

thank you


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