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what the fuck is wrong with u people if a person wants to wear a grandpa sweater and a flowercrown while drinking a pumpkin spice latte fucking let them live their life the last thing they probably need is your broke judgmental ass giving them hella negative vibes cause you don’t like their life choices bye

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…Sure enough, at every turn, the things we hadn’t focused on before revealed themselves like hidden gems, and we discovered more and more the essence of this rich and vibrant city.

A True Travel Story, Told By Natalie Dormer | Contiki Legends

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I’ll be 24 in a week and i’ve done nothing with my life 

im a joke


Say hi to our big surprise!  

Tangaroa aka Tang the baby Shiba Inu

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seven seasons



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I’m sort of drunk and watching Miss Brazil

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"Zeke just got home from the vet — being allergic to certain grasses, he broke out in hives and they gave him steroid and benadryl shots. This is Winston, loving and taking care of him"

A cats purr vibrates at a frequency that promotes bone health and aids in healing. So the kitty is probably trying to purr him better.

Animals are fucking cool. Love yr creature.

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Natalie Dormer attends Christian Dior: Front Row at Paris Fashion Week Womenswear (September 26, 2014).

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